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    Hello from Finland

    Hi, you seem to be plenty here. Been close to drone some 2 months now and the main target is geo mapping. Bought P4P plus ( ;( mistake cant get it working for the purpose. Should have bought P4P ) Anyway trying to get around the problem elsewhere in the forum. However. One issue is puzzling...
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    I guess there are many people in here who likes drone videos so check out my channel 4 drone videos ! Its pretty hard to gain subscribers nowdays. Trying to create something unique HMU if you do drone videos too! NEW VIDEO: CHANNEL: Mitro Boahene
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    City views in Lohja, Finland. P3 standard

    This is 3,5 min edit of different city views in beautiful lakeside city Lohja, in Finland. P3 standard. Filmed 2.7k and scaled down to 1080p.