1. ricphoto

    Seattle Drone Pilot gets 30 days in jail + fine

    Drone Pilot sentenced to 30 days, $500.00 fine and restitution for Pride Day Parade crash that injures woman... Pilot of drone that struck woman at Pride Parade gets 30 days in jail
  2. James Taylor

    Cancun, Mexico. Risk Of Taking A P3 - Especially Customs Hijinks

    I've read posts on traveling to Mexico with a Phantom but many are dated and offered different experiences. Does anyone have any 2016 insight as to problems taking the drone? It will be used for private purposes only, on a family vacation. I'm not taking anything other than a stock P3A, 2...
  3. C

    California introduces bill for further identification on drones

    Stumbled across the following today building up a collection of Legal docs in case I am ever confronted while flying. Technically, the "Follow-Me" features of the Drones and the new Phantom 4 fall under this guideline. [EDIT/UPDATE] Section 39101a is clear it does not apply to "Modle...