1. N

    FLYING OVER CLIFFS a cinematic experiment with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    I went out a few days ago to hike at a local hiking path near a mysterious beach and misty cliffs. I took the opportunity to fly a bit over the cliffs and experiment with a bit of a cinematic feel to the edit. Certainly had fun doing this :) Constructive comments are welcome ! Thanks for...
  2. N

    "The Lake" - My experiments of using a drone for video storytelling

    Decided to go out this weekend and try out a combination of aerial / drone shots with my DJI Phantom 3 Standard and my Canon DSLR to create a simple and short video. I like all those videos out there with beautiful scenery, but have been looking at using the drone as a complement to my DSLR...
  3. Golden.Phoenix

    THE HIGHLANDS | Peak District (Aerial Montage) Shot on P3P

    Hey everyone, Long time lurker - first time poster! Thought we'd share our first aerial video shot with the Phantom 3 Professional from our recent trip to the Peak District: Unfortunately we had to shoot "bare lens" here, had an SRP ND16/CP ordered which arrived an hour after we had left...