1. K

    Phantom 4 Pro Plus Controller and Cache

    Hey everyone, I've once downloaded the cache video onto my computer, but when I try to do it again.. on the controller I can see all cache video and images but when I looked in the Cache_Image files only the ones i previously downloaded are available. Why can't I see the recently cached...
  2. TheCaveMan

    P4P+ Go 4 app - Editor

    Is it just me, or is there a serious problem w/ a lack of access to the files that have been edited in the Go 4 app? The only options I found is strictly to share to Social Media alone. If I use the Go 4 app's Editor to produce a mini-movie "on the fly", there is no way possible to access that...
  3. S

    P3P File Transfer On Job Site

    What is the quickest way to transfer video files shot with a P3P on site and hand over to the client? My client wants to walk away with the files and use them back at his studio?
  4. V

    Lost most of my video files from flights. First two files saved to SD card keep getting written over

    Yesterday I went flying with my P3A. I would properly stop the recording in the DJI GO app on my ipad mini 2 and properly power down my P3A before changing batteries. I found out that for some reason the video files kept writing over the files named DJI....1. and DJI....2. I lost a LOT of...