1. R

    Help with .SRT files and video captions?

    When i check my SD card, each video has a .SRT file next to it. I did a search and it seems this is for the video caption function, however i have not figured out how to use it. Does that mean it made a copy of the video without caption and one with caption? Because the video i can watch has no...
  2. M

    Video files properties

    I am fairly new and still a lot to learn but have been reading heaps here. I often come across video settings talking about quality of 720, 1080 or 2.7k. Whilst I can find these settings on my drone camera and change them I can't work out how to find out which setting a file on my computer was...
  3. Roby Allario

    GPS trace file

    hi to everyone ... for some time I realized that in the movies I make no more the GPS trace file ... any of you that is definitely a black belt in Dji can tell me where to look for them in settings? thank you :)))
  4. R

    Updated txt file shows data from every update/wrong date

    Hey guys! Every time I update my drone, it adds info the the txt file. I never see just one update showing successful. I delete the txt file and then when I perform another update it does the same thing and keeps adding to the file. I also have an issue where the date is completely off. I...
  5. M

    Battery life and date after deep cycle

    hi, Just wanted to report a couple of things I noticed after deep cycle/discharging my battery , down to 2% as per forum recommendations. As I was reaching around 25 and 35 battery cycles on my two batteries, I decided it was time for a deep cycle. I had a small deviation on the cells voltage...
  6. V

    Lost most of my video files from flights. First two files saved to SD card keep getting written over

    Yesterday I went flying with my P3A. I would properly stop the recording in the DJI GO app on my ipad mini 2 and properly power down my P3A before changing batteries. I found out that for some reason the video files kept writing over the files named DJI....1. and DJI....2. I lost a LOT of...