1. K

    Geese dont like drones. Feedback? Removed my video because the playlist function didnt worked

    Hello, Last week i flew my drone around some geese to make a nice vid and at the end of the flight they were all in the sky. Please give me feedback on my video im just a starter. And sorry sorry for my bad english. I enjoy if you subscribe to my youtube channel!
  2. B

    Huachuca Mountains. Cochise County, AZ. Looking for honest Feedback.

    This is my second video with my p4p. Im looking for honest feedback and ways to improve my next one. I really tried to focus on keeping my clips short and sweet as the most frequent comment on my last video was that some of them were too long. Thanks.
  3. J

    Two videos from Argentina and looking for feedback

    Hi! New to the forum and recently had my P4 with me on vacation in Argentina. Shot two videos on the trip in Mendoza and Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires was a challenge for footage at times, but here are the videos. I have recently combined the P4 footage with some footage from the ground via GoPro...
  4. KevinMason

    Share Pictures And Videos For Feedback!

    Share Pictures And Videos For Feedback!
  5. J

    Feedback on first video :)

    Hi, I've just got the P3A and recently made this video. I would love to hear some feedback. Feel free to suggest any improvements. Regards, Jens PT
  6. sean Moeke


    Hi all, drone lovers. Was just wondering if anyone would like too see products you might want too see on my website? Looking to improve as much as possible, any feedback good or bad would be awesome as well. Thanks.
  7. S

    My last Video - any feedback would be welcomed!

    Hi all! I finished an edit from summer videos (a mix from P3 4K & Lumix G7 shots), and would like to have some feedback, especially on drone shots (would you do something different with same ones?...) To make it easier, here are the drone parts: 1'13 => 1'28 1'33 => 1'45 1'53 => 2'21 3'37 =>...
  8. A

    My first aerial video (i need Feedback)

    This is my first aerial video ,shot with p3 professional i loved it so far but i believe i got a lot to learn especially in the movement area . I would like some feedback so i can learn from my mistakes . Thank you for your time.