1. Green Phantom

    Improve your videos with a simple edit

    Hi everyone For anyone who edits their video footage may want to watch this to improve their footage. Its nice and simple.
  2. Green Phantom

    Scary Drone Video

    so went for something totally different to the norm ha, and made this latest mini vid have a spooky theme/feel. This was using the very first footage i ever took with the drone and i did nothing with it. Anyways let me know what you think :)
  3. Green Phantom

    Final Cut Pro x Cinematic Look Tutorial

    Hi everyone Had a few people mention to me on here and my Youtube channel that they like the look of my videos and would like me to do a How To video, so here we go. I have done a stage by stage on how i get my look when editing. Hope fully it helps some of you. Comments and any future...
  4. M

    P4 PRO 4K Footage in FCPX: Color Correction and Quality issues

    Hello everyone! I have also asked in Apple Community, but though it will be good to ask Phantom community as well :) I have two points on the topic 1. I work on footage from Phantom 4 PRO which is in 4K 30fps, recorded in Standard profile. When I work with proxy files, color corrections look...
  5. J

    My first how-to video!

  6. Paul Richards

    Best settings in Final Cut Pro X for the P4

    Can anybody help with getting the best settings In FCPX to get the best process image from 4k,2.7k or just HDI The videos are great on the memory card but they seem to deteriorate once they go into FCPX Final Cut Pro X. What settings do you use to match the memory cards?
  7. D

    4k video is very choppy

    Ok, So I have the latest Macbook Air with Intel core Processor I5 and 4Gb of RAM. I purchased the new Phantom 4 drone and have 4k footage and imported it into Final Cut Pro X and it is extremely laggy and says "Frame Rates are Dropping". Help. Was wondering if I need a more powerful device but I...
  8. fabbio

    Question for phantom-Videomakers: jerky 4K footage

    Dears, I don't know if someone already solved this problem, but sometimes I have jerky/stuttering 4K footage from my P3P as if some frames were not recorded at all. Problems are right into the original file taken from the bird, so naturally also in the relative Apple ProRes 422 converted ones...