fc40 camera

  1. M

    Fc40 ad card issues

    i have tried to insert the micro sd card into the slot and it won't go in right. I have read the instruction but they way they show you the card goes in but won't come out???
  2. Vincent Vansteenkiste

    Changing DJI FC40 gimbal

    Hey I got an dji FC40 but I am not completle happy with his gimbal but I can get a camera from an dji 2vision+ for a good price.Should I switch the gimbal? Is this possible? Thanks, Vincent
  3. E

    FC40 camera not turning on

    Hi, I just got my fc40 camera out of my closet after 6 months of winter/authumn. When I tried to turn on my camera today, it gave me some green blinking lights. It's wifi network didn't show up on my 5c. After about fifteen seconds it turned of. I tried it a couple of times. After about 4 times...