fc40 battery

  1. Carlo Napoli


    Hi I need a help in hand I have a 4.0 multistar battery 4000 mah 3s 11.1v Now I have a buzzer but it won't go up to any more than 3.9 volts then off what do I set this to ? Also in NAZA it was sett to 11.4 first point of battery going dead I've change it to 10.4 but I'm worried as my battery is...
  2. René Wilhelm

    FC40 Battery

    I have a question regarding the FC40 original battery 2200 mAh. I got my FC40 second hand with two batteries. I don´t know the age.....but they last only 6-7-8 minutes, depending how I fly the FC40. How long time do you have on a new batt.?