1. R

    Photo buffering bug found? Can others test please?

    Posted to DJI forum, but no one has attempted to replicate issue yet. Would appreciate others trying please... PROBLEM EXPERIENCE Wasted a whole afternoon shooting a commercial job, high res panoramas (to get big files) of 8 images x 5 AEB (tricky llighting) = 40 frames each panorama...
  2. D

    GPS problem

    Hi I sent my p3 std back for repairs for damaged imu. They fixed it and sent it back. Now it won't start. It all seems to connect, and I get the camera view, but the rotors won't spin. The camera can be controlled up and down. The gps thing in the app shows 9+ satellites but when I look at the...
  3. Great Pumpkin

    Drone's Eye View of New Zealand Earthquake Fault Ruptures

    These are two splendid flyovers of some spectacular ground ruptures along faults in New Zealand's 14 November 2016 earthquake (M 7.8). I wish I could say I took them, but no, instead they were flown by GNS Science in New Zealand. The Kekerengu Fault, which helps make up the Marlborough Fault...