fat shark

  1. T

    PV wireless FPV?

    I have a P4. I purchased and installed the HDMI module so I could use my new set of Fat Shark V3 goggles. So far all is working great. Now I can fly in the daytime where before the glare on the Ipad mini was terrible. I ordered a Next Wave 5.8G module. I was hoping I could eliminate using...
  2. gringorio

    P1, P2 etc. Tucson, AZ

    Hey ya'll, Selling a bunch of R/C stuff, including an original P1 and a P2 as well as a couple electric gliders and indoor copters/quadcopters. Make an offer! CL Link: R/C Phantoms 1 & 2, Radian, Calypso, Nano QX
  3. Dr. One

    Fat Shark Dominator V3 for sale

    i have a pair of fat shark fpv dominator v3 goggles for sale - $325 - contact [email protected] i also have the 5.8ghz transmitter from fatshark for sale as well both for $350 like new condition
  4. JackAtkinson

    Phantom 3 with Teleporter v3 FatShark Goggles

    Hi, I recently bought the Teleporter v3 from Fat Shark and I'm having a few troubles getting it connected to my P3A. I bought the HDMI module, Mini HDMI to female HDMI converter and a HDMI to RCA cable. Putting the yellow cable in the connector does nothing, no image etc. Changing channels...
  5. W

    FPV Interference

    Hi, I have recently purchased an FPV monitor and tx however, I am currently experiencing interference with the set up I have. I have a Flysight Black Pearl 5.8ghz monitor, ImmersionRC 25mW 5.8ghz, Fat Shark spironet CP antennas. I have soldered all of these onto the my Phantom 2 connecting up...
  6. S

    Any using the new hdmi output board with Fat Shark Dominators

    We've been cursed with a stretch of extremely sunny days and I'm finding it almost impossible to see my screen. I'm using an Ipad mini with the DJI sun shade and it's just about impossible to see composition and proper exposure. Has anyone out there successfully used the new HDMI output board...