1. RPP

    Car City in Iceland

    Photos and details in my blog post at this link below - [Link removed by Moderator - #11 Community Rules]
  2. Off to Work

    Off to Work

    Airspeed3D (Facebook) is at work filming a large piece of land.
  3. Tyler Mason

    Minnesota Vikings corn maze

    There are several corn mazes in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and the Twin Cities Harvest Festival and Corn Maze happened to pay tribute to the Minnesota Vikings with its maze this year. Here's a short video I put together of the maze.
  4. A

    Wind Farm in Michigan - 4K

  5. JarrodF

    Great experience shooting P4P video in NC

    Just finished a video shot entirely with our P4P for a sheep/cattle farm in rural North Carolina. The weather cooperated with some nice sunrise mist and the livestock were only a little startled by the noise. Drone worked flawlessly (as usual) and the client was thrilled. All 4K/24p, PolarPro...
  6. F

    You know you hate it ..

    You know you hate it when you accidently delete a video from your channel especially when it had 121 views on it, and have to reload and restart
  7. F

    Some Photos

    Decided to take a crack at using photos for a video.
  8. F

    First Compilation Video

    Well took a chance with a compilation video, hope it suits everyone
  9. J


    Short one this week, but a cool place to fly!
  10. nsheridan19

    P3A and two alpaca playing in sprinklers

    Put this together for a friend. The way their necks move when they run is hilarious
  11. J

    Drones used in farming and conservation

    Just finished working on a piece focusing on how drones can be used in conservation and agriculture (among other things). We've covered some really interesting stuff, like how they can: -Fight Criminals -Save Avocado Trees -Help Farmers Survey their Land If you're interested, take a look...
  12. jamesb72

    Christmas Tree Farm Phantom 3 Aerial video, Somerset UK

    First trip out with my new Phantom 3, a friend of a friend invited us to his Christmas Tree farm before they opened this morning, was fun to fly and video came out OK, first time I'm using 1080p (my new years resolution), I've always stuck to 720p till now, as I figured youtube would mangle it...