fall colors

  1. T

    Massachusetts in Fall - P4Pro (4K60)

    Hey all, just wanted to share this video here. It was shot this fall in Massachusetts. Any feedback is appreciated!
  2. victorymike

    2017 10-6 Huron Mountain View Trail and Fall Colors

    I discovered a new trail while driving 550 to the AAA, going to Pinnacle Falls. It was a short trail to a rocky bluff with a nice view of Big Bay, Lake Independence and Lake Superior. The Fall colors were vibrant...I'd call them "peak".
  3. BingErr

    Spider Lake near Birchwood Wisconsin. FALL COLORS

  4. furthertofly

    Autumn evening at Mt. Timpanogos, Utah

    Phantom 4 Pro +, medium-resolution JPEG version, HDR
  5. Helihover

    Rivers, Trees, and a Peter Gabriel Song

    Oh and a bunch of other stuff too!:)
  6. D


    Forestville is a ghost town in southern Minnesota. It began as a pioneer settlement in the 1850s and was a thriving community. In 1868, the railroad came to the area, but it bypassed Forestville. Residents began moving to more prosperous communities and Forestville gradually declined. By 1899...
  7. L

    California Eastern Sierra Fall Color 2015

    New drone owner and 6th flight of my DJI Phantom P. Very amateur editing but I am learning and also learning how to smoothly operate the different controls specially the gimbal.
  8. D

    Fall Colors in Hastings MN

    This is my first Phantom 3 video. I hope you enjoy it.
  9. snerd

    Fall Is Coming!

    Well, I had the P3P with me, but I was in a National Park so I couldn't fly it. Bummer. So here are 2 from my DSLR.
  10. J

    Take a look! Fall colors and river footage.

    Hey everyone! Check out this video I filmed the other day. Some neat fall colors and river footage! Feel free to critique me and help me improve!