1. Z

    p3 se restore factory settings

    Hello, I'm Italian and I apologize for my bad English. I buy my P3se in china I would like to use fcc, but I found that in italy it is not possible, and reading this forum I found that there is no hacking to force p3se on FCC. But my drone when I arrived was in FCC. The DJI GO application...
  2. Green Phantom

    Britains Swizzels Sweets Factory / Mill in 2.7k - Really proud of this

    Hi Everyone I have made a video for Swizzels Sweets factory in England. They are Britain's largest Family owned confectionery company and i am proud to to produced this video. I spent a lot of time making this fairly short video and used some new angles and features which i had not done yet so...
  3. Green Phantom

    Beautiful Derbyshire over the Swizzels Mill

    Took some pics this morning for work over the Swizzels Sweets Factory Mill. Thought id share them with you all. Comments welcome. I will be doing a short video of my work too which i will post on Youtube in the near future. Thanks
  4. clackey

    Test Footage Left in Camera Gives Peek Inside DJI’s Factory

    Want to see the inside of a DJI drone manufacturing facility? Now you can, thanks to some test footage that was recently found on a new DJI drone camera. Data is normally wiped before cameras are shipped, but it seems that someone forgot to delete this one... Full story - Test Footage Left in...