faa part 107

  1. RemotePilot101

    Here's What To Expect On The FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test

    Tomorrow Night (Tuesday at 9pm Eastern Time) myself and our team will be conducting a free webinar sharing: What to Expect on the FAA Knowledge Test (even share actual FAA questions) How To Submit Your Application to The FAA What The FAA Expects to See Under Part 107 How To Protect Yourself and...
  2. The Suburban Hippie

    The FAA has changed the RPIC TEST!!!

    The other day when I posted the FAA, part 107 module, I had told you that the test questions were NOT of the module material. I retook it today, and the test DOES in fact test you on the covered materials!!! The other day, when I clicked the test, it took you to some bizarre test with...
  3. T

    FAA safety course Part 107

    So I completed the FAA safety course on line. And got a certificate . Of course I am already registered. how far am I from actually using my P3 Pro for commercial use? Even though I have been doing some "favor" for people for a while