faa labels

  1. jakobe75

    Registration labels for newbs

    This is what I did, feel free to chime in with other suggestions. 1. Printed my FAA/UAS registration certificate in multiple copies, one for each drone case, and one to keep in my wallet. I also uploaded a pdf of this to Dropbox which is available on all of my devices, but stored in the cloud...
  2. Q

    Have You Registered Your'e Drone?

    Whether you agree with the FAA’s requirement to register your drone if it weighs more than 0.55 pounds (250 grams) so you can fly it outdoors for fun as a hobby this is now the law as of 12/21/2015. Drones/UAS have to be marked with your registration number and this can be done using labels...
  3. T

    Thermal Printed FAA Labels for $5

    I was trying to figure out what kind of label I could use for the quad that the ink wouldn't run if it got damp. I bought a used Thermal Label Printer and have enough labels to offer some to other members for cheap. Since these are thermal (heat) printed there is no ink to run. They are self...