export settings

  1. fhagan02

    Best export settings for You Tube upload and playback.

    Hope this helps some folks. Very useful in getting quality uploads and playback on You Tube.
  2. V

    What premiere pro cc settings are best for Instagram?

    I've been trying to upload my edited 15 second video to Instagram, but once it posts, the quality drops dramatically. Once I upload my video to my iPhone, it looks HD but after I post to Instagram the quality isn't HD anymore. Can someone recommend the best settings to keep the HD quality?
  3. D

    Phantom 3 Pro/Artifacts

    I would be interested in knowing how some people work with and export their 4k and 1080p video. At the present time, I am using the latest version of Adobe Premiere cc and Adobe Encoder cc, but no matter what setting I use for Encoding it just seems to enhance what seems to be an existing codec...