1. R

    EXP setting in Litchi?

    I searched here but couldn't find an answer so far. My simple question is: If you set the EXP settings in the DJI Go app, do those affect the controls in Litchi as well? I set mine to slow down response a little (set them all to 20) but, when using Litchi, the controls still seem fast as ever...
  2. G

    Exp setup

    Dji go 4 not save changes of Exp. Going out and coming back, I find the old values
  3. Cactus Wren

    Customizing control settings

    I'm trying to adjust the control settings to my liking, but I can't find the literature that explains it. The software User Manual (v1.2) in the Go App doesn't go into ANY detail about this. Can anyone here give me a better understanding of the "Gain", "Sensitivity" and "EXP" settings? I'm...