1. C

    107 Exam (commercial drone pilot)

    Hello, fellow drone pilots and hobbyists, I'm getting mixed feelings about the exam when it comes to needing a prep school, based on what I've seen here. Some say they were just fine without it (meaning "you don't really need it"), some mean "the school really made it a lot easier and it was...
  2. SoCalDude

    Record Time Between Test & Application Association w/IACRA?

    I completed and passed the exam at 220000Z and was able to associate it to the IACRA application form on 230045Z. (If you've taken the exam, you'll know how to read those times!) That's got to be a new speed record of 24.75 hours from test completion to application association (for someone that...
  3. SoCalDude

    Your Part 107 Exam Score?

    I'm not sure if polls are visible in the mobile app for this forum. If you do not see the poll or are unable to vote your score from your mobile app, please vote from a desktop/laptop browser. So, what score did you receive on the Part 107 Remote Pilot Knowledge Test?
  4. J

    IACRA Exam searches

    Going on almost 35 hours for me and no record of exam yet. How long has it been for you? Post here when you see yours.