1. Gabe81

    Hello from Hungary

    Hello fellow pilots! My name is Gabor and I am joining the community from Hungary, Europe. After sitting infront of a computer screen for nearly 20 years, I decided to change my profession and turn my drone/RC enthusiasm into a carrier. It is not the best timing as we got the strictest UAV...
  2. D

    Looking for European Drone pilots

    Looking for European drone pilots to partner with. We need videos of destination of different cities across Europe, could be either already recorded or to be recorded. Please provide your instagram/youtube/website, and where are you located.
  3. Supermofo

    Corfu / Greek laws for recreational safe and sensible drone use???

    Title pretty much says what I'm looking to find out... Got a trip booked for Sept and thought about taking P3A for some genuine landscape photography etc.. nothing dangerous, just some safe use away from people with line of site etc.. Basically everything that should be done when flying a...
  4. Hera

    Really need your help ~

    Hey guys:p This is Hera, a super rookie on phantom drone, who is really need your help~~~~~~~~ I want to purchase one set of phantom drone for my vocation in Europe in August, but due to the difference of voltage, the power converter must be needed, like this one. 1.Can the phantom drone be used...
  5. embayweather

    Changes for EU Drones

    I have just been reading this on proposed changes to drone operations in the EU. I would urge everyone to read through it, as I am sure it will affect those in, and soon to be outside, the EU, and maybe even across the...
  6. Portugal by Drone: On the Edge of the World | 4K

    Portugal by Drone: On the Edge of the World | 4K

    We armed our propellers and went to explore the rugged Western coast of Portugal in off-season to catch a glimpse of solitude along the deserted beaches and epic fight scenes between rocks and waves. In ancient times this was thought to be the edge of the inhabited world.
  7. R

    Wizzair and Drones

    Hi Everyone, I will be flying to Latvia (from the Netherlands) in about a month. I am flying with Wizzair (budget airline). I wanted to know if anyone has recent experience with taking drones on a Wizzair flight? I have a P3A. I called Wizzair twice, with 2 different answers. The first person...
  8. Skyer

    Mountain Top – Flying at 6000 Feet

    During the trip to Spain (Destination: SPAIN – Phantom 3 Advanced) I took my Phantom up to the mountain range north of Madrid known as “La Sierra”, which is a great place to hike, walk, and bike during the summer, as well as to enjoy winter sports during the cold season. If you want to...
  9. Skyer

    Destination: SPAIN – Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hey everyone! After Germany (Flying in Germany – Phantom 3 Advanced), here's the first video from the trip to Spain. Part of Castilla La Mancha, the Henares Valley is located northeast of Madrid (Spain), where the Henares River runs along cities like Guadalajara, Alcala de Henares, Azuqueca de...
  10. G

    Flying Drones in Europe

    Soon I will be going on Vacation in several countries in europe. I cannot find good information about the regulations of the european countries. Where it is allowed to fly and also if permits are required, max heights and max distances. Somebody can help me here with an overview ? Countries we...
  11. A

    Fly Mavic Pro in EU (Italy and France)

    I am going to have a tour in Rome, Florence, Vince, Milan in Italy and Paris in France. can i fly drone in those cities? where can i check the fly zone information? of course, i do not plan to fly in those government building. but how about in the air of attractions in those cities?
  12. H

    Help with regulations in EU

    Hi everyone, I am going to Europe (France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Finland, and Switzerland) this December and as I read more about regulations in Europe, I get more confused. Can you share with me some experiences of using the drones there? If I use a drone lighter than...
  13. Man And Drone

    New 4K Mallorca Video up

    Dear Phantom Pilots, I have a new video up from my recent(ish) trip to Mallorca. (Spanish Island in the Mediterranean). Hope you enjoy it..Cheers. ;)
  14. N

    Southern France - Beziers - First ever drone video!

    Hey Guys! - So i bought my first ever drone a few weeks back (Phantom 3 Standard) and after some super nerve racking moments i managed to capture some footage i am really proud of! i would love it if you checked it out and let me know your thoughts. I am always looking to improve and would be...
  15. D

    What is the real range of P3s in Europe /Poland?

    Hi everyone! Im still confused and I dont know witch Phantom buy,becouse when I was almoust ready to buy P3A, I heard that range in Europe and a specially in Poland is much shorter than normally?!? is that true..? Advanced is better I know but is it worth 40% price more epecially when the rage...
  16. nonflyingbrick

    Drone regulations in some european and asian countries

    I had two people research drone regulations in these countries: Italy, Germany, France, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Russia, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Thailand, and Nepal. I haven't done much yet to check their work, and since I'm travelling I may not get to soon, so I wanted to share what I have...
  17. A

    Buy Phantom 3

    Hello all, This is my first post here so I would like to welcome you all. My quest for finding the best deal to buy a Phantom 3 Professional started 2 weeks ago and I still can't decide which one offers the ideal conditions. From stores that don't ship to Europe (I'm from Portugal) from another...