1. Skyer

    Mountain Top – Flying at 6000 Feet

    During the trip to Spain (Destination: SPAIN – Phantom 3 Advanced) I took my Phantom up to the mountain range north of Madrid known as “La Sierra”, which is a great place to hike, walk, and bike during the summer, as well as to enjoy winter sports during the cold season. If you want to...
  2. Alex Assenmacher

    Galicia, Spain, second part :)

    Dear family, here it finally is, my second (but not last) part of the trip. Thanks for watching!!
  3. Alex Assenmacher

    Galicia, that wonderful spanish corner

    Dear droners, I spent a few days in Galicia, Spain. Beautiful place, amazing landscapes and a lot of astonishing places to be filmed with our drones. I filmed quite a lot so I have sooo much footage to edit that I decided to publish it in three parts, which I'll be publishing in the upcoming...