esc replacement

  1. U

    ESC Trouble Code after shell replacement

    Hi, I am new to this site as well as to drones. I have a P3 Pro and my shell was cracked up due to stress and minor crashes so I decided to replace the shell. The new one came with LED lights already in it. I wired them in to motherboard and re-installed everything back in. Everything connected...
  2. T

    phantom 1 prop motor problem

    Sooo i ended up crashing my drone into a pool, was submerged for about 2 minutes. i fished it out and let it dried out for about a day and put another battery in to see if if it would still work. everything is working fine from what i can see. except 3 out of 4 propeller motors are working. the...
  3. ussvertigo

    Can ESC V2 be mixed with V2.1?

    I'm making a "Frankenstein" Phantom 2 from leftover parts, I have 3 V2 ESC's and the one I just received is a V2.1. The motors are new 2312, and are supposed to work with the V2, but I messed up one of the ESC during soldering (trace pulled off the CB) thanks captvertigo