1. Skyer

    Drones @ NYC

    Headed to New York with the newest addition to my drone fleet, the easy to carry DJI Spark, hoping to do some flying in the very few spaces around the Jersey side of the Hudson where it’s ok to fly (since all of Manhattan is a no-drone zone), only to find that a TFR was put in effect the second...
  2. Skyer

    Mountain Top – Flying at 6000 Feet

    During the trip to Spain (Destination: SPAIN – Phantom 3 Advanced) I took my Phantom up to the mountain range north of Madrid known as “La Sierra”, which is a great place to hike, walk, and bike during the summer, as well as to enjoy winter sports during the cold season. If you want to...
  3. Skyer

    Destination: SPAIN – Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hey everyone! After Germany (Flying in Germany – Phantom 3 Advanced), here's the first video from the trip to Spain. Part of Castilla La Mancha, the Henares Valley is located northeast of Madrid (Spain), where the Henares River runs along cities like Guadalajara, Alcala de Henares, Azuqueca de...
  4. Skyer

    Flying in Germany – Phantom 3 Advanced

    With Lake Constance (Bodensee) and the Alps as a majestic background, the German city of Friedrichshafen is a unique place known in aviation as the cradle and home of the Zeppelin, and currently base of the largest General Aviation show in Europe – AERO Friedrichshafen. From sunrise to sunset...
  5. Skyer

    After the winter storm – Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hi there fellow Phantom pilots! After the late Nor’easter winter storm Stella sprinkled most of Pennsylvania with more than a foot of snow, it was time to fly and see the beautiful landscape. As always, thanks for watching. Any comments, questions, Likes, and new subscribers are much...
  6. Skyer

    Welcome to PA – Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hi everyone! Here’s a taste of the beautiful aerial sights that northern and central Pennsylvania have to offer, with the Welcome Center on US Route 15 as center stage. As always, thanks for watching. Any comments, questions, Likes, and new subscribers are much appreciated! SKYER
  7. Skyer

    Winter Came – Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hi there fellow Phantom pilots! Since I flew over the Rose Valley Lake for the first time on a sunny summer afternoon, I wanted to go back and see it turned into a huge skating rink, or ice fishing arena, whatever rocks your boat… ;) In this video you’ll see how nature can go from bright green...
  8. Skyer

    Follow the (little) Jeep - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Happy weekend! There’s no better way to enjoy a sunny winter’s day than off-roading with the family. Taking a break from cinematic landscapes, here’s a short aerial view of the fun: Thanks for watching!
  9. Skyer

    Winter Sunrise - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hello everyone! I continue to be amazed by the sights created when winter, water, and the sun, come together. I went out to the Susquehanna river early on a cold morning, and was privileged to capture beautiful footage of the morning fog, the currents, the sunrise, and the mist that the rising...