1. E

    UAV usage in the social sciences

    Hi all Could anyone point me towards examples of UAVs being used in the social sciences for educational purposes (ie, creation of learning content or for research projects)? We are from the Business faculty of a university, so interested in previous applications in this area as well as law...
  2. Mike2A

    Civil Air Patrol

    Just curious, has anyone interacted with or been approached by the Civil Air Patrol regarding their UAVs? I have a local group that wants to purchase a couple drones and use them as a instructional platform and approached me for advice and an introduction.
  3. cdronefly

    FREE Phantom 3 and 4 book now on

    We have decided to remove our best selling Phantom 3 (and now being updated for P4) book from Amazon and publish it chapter by chapter on our blog. The first 3 chapters are up and the rest will be there within the week (probably by the time you can read that far). It can be read online - or use...
  4. C

    Drone for a Star Wars

    Hi there, im a budding film maker looking to make a star wars fan film, this is going to be sent to the star wars fan film competition in 2017 and also used for my final project in collage. i asked phantom on twitter which one they recommended and they said the phantom 3 standard, this is...