1. E

    DJI 4 editor

    Trying to figure out why only some of my phantom 4 videos i shoot show up when I'm using the DJI 4.0 editor. For example: i took 8 one minute videos during the same flight and only 3 are available within the editor. Any feed back is appreciated!!
  2. B

    Phantom 4 pro plus editor - missing features

    Why is the Phantom 4 pro plus video editor missing features?. The built in software seems to be quite basic compared to the software downloaded onto phones and tablets. I downloaded the software on both phone and tablet, but can't seem to get the footage into it so stuck with the editor on the...
  3. B

    Using the DJI Go app on a separate tablet with Phantom Pro 4 Plus

    I have the Phantom 4 Pro plus and like the idea of the built in editor of the DJI go app, but with the built in screen/app of the 4 Pro plus, the video editor appears to be far more basic than those one can download on tablets/phones etc. I've download the software on both a separate tablet and...
  4. swoot

    DJI Go App - tips, tricks, reviewing flight stat data?

    Apologies if this is covered in another thread, but I'm looking for a guide on using the Go App, specifically the flight stats using the editor. I'd like to understand more about the syncing and what can be achieved with the editor? Thanks in advance.
  5. Skyler King III

    I thought that DJI had an editor that added music as well as edit....Am I correct here?

    I thought that DJI had an editor that added music as well as edit....Am I correct here?
  6. S

    Standard Movie only on iPad editor. None on SD

    Hi! Today I went shooting some amazing shots and when I got home, plugged in the sd-card in the USB and there was no new fotage. I had my sd card in as usually and I saw the time going while recording. I watched my iPad in DJI Go editor and there I can see the material in low and laggy format...