1. Green Phantom

    Simple way to improve bad footage

  2. T

    Drone splits recorded video into 5 minute clips but there is always 1 second missing

    Drone splits recorded video into 5 minute clips but there is always 1 second missing when I download the video. So I press record, take off, record say a 15 min 4K video, download the clip into my iPhone, but it’s saved on the micro SD in 5:30 min clips. When I arrange them in order on iMovie...
  3. R

    DJI GO APP (Need help on editing)

    So I want to record 4k60fps but I want to remove some stuff from the video. I tried editing it with the app but when I uploaded it on YouTube it was in 720p. What do I need to do for the video to stay 4k60fps?
  4. T

    Montage Music

    Hi, Im looking for some music to put in my montage of drone videos. I make quite a few videos, ranging from city skylines, to countrysides and golf courses. I need something thats energetic and captures the audiences attention, one of my favourites is "Run Boy Run - Woodkid" so anything similar...
  5. T

    What’s some good backing music

    I am making a video of a city skyline and residential area and need some music for the backing track. I love things like “Run Boy Run - Woodkid” as there is a lot of opportunity to cut the video to the music. I love upbeat stuff wth a lot of energy! Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks...
  6. ChucklesMcChuckleson

    It's not your computer that sucks, It's DJI and Premiere that do.

    I've researched the issue since I'm having the choppy playback when I import my footage. A lot of people are saying its 4k, your computer is not powerful enough make proxies etc. etc. My computer specs I7-6700k GTX 780 Ti 32gb of RAM 4 SSD drives. I recently cut this video This was all shot...
  7. JTC Films

    Droning around New Orleans! Enjoy the video

    Hey guys, just got back from New Orleans last weekend and man did I have a ball flying it around the city. Tried to capture a little bit of everything. Let me know your feedback on my video :) Give the video a thumbs up on YouTube if you enjoyed it! And happy flying
  8. D

    CANADA TO KEY WEST - Amazing Drone Footage (DJI Phantom)

    Let me know what you guys think! Thanks!
  9. R

    AEB - cant assign my brackets

    Hey, I bought a P4 for my vacation and I made huge amount of solo pictures and 3/5 brackets. And now I want to edit the brackets but I don't know what the brackets are, if thats a single shot between or a 3 bracket or a 5 bracket shot. Is there a way I can see which ones are the same, but with...
  10. S

    My last Video - any feedback would be welcomed!

    Hi all! I finished an edit from summer videos (a mix from P3 4K & Lumix G7 shots), and would like to have some feedback, especially on drone shots (would you do something different with same ones?...) To make it easier, here are the drone parts: 1'13 => 1'28 1'33 => 1'45 1'53 => 2'21 3'37 =>...
  11. D.Bennett

    Experience MIAMI.... *Final Video Edit*

    Showcase of Miami, FL What do yall think? Clips were taken from several different original videos. *Video made for editing practice only* *I do not own the original video footage found in these clips* Music: Johnny Rock - A Great Day
  12. D.Bennett

    Addicted to Aerial!

    Hey ya'll Daniel here from Houston, TX. Early this year I took an interest in aerial footage. Now I'm full blown ADDICTED! I've had the chance to fly the Phantom 4 several times and am saving for my own investment; maybe the P4 Pro. I'm interested in taking this amazing hobby to the next level...
  13. C

    Will my computer edit 4K?! HELP

    Hi! I've just purchased an Asus X550V with the following: i7, 1TB SSD + 1TB HDD, 16GB DDR4 Ram, GeForce GTX 950 graphics. Can anyone tell me if this will handle 4K editing in a software such as Final Cut Pro? Thanks!
  14. tml4191

    Powerdirector 15 PD15 Lens Correction Problem

    How do I fix this? It's more prominent on a 4k tv, but you can still see the circular color banding in the sky. Link:
  15. iamsavi

    First Phantom 4 Video Edit

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to share my first video edit with my Phantom 4 footage. The clips were taken over the last few months getting my hours up learning how to fly a drone mounted camera and testing how the camera performs itself. Appreciate any feedback and thoughts. Cheers :)
  16. I

    Makapuu at Dusk

    Hello everyone, just wanted to share another video here, this one is from the east side of Oahu in Hawaii. Filmed with the Phantom 4 right before the rain came. Any tips, info, or comments are welcomed, enjoy!
  17. S

    Windows 10 Photos app and DNG

    I really like the WIndows 10 photos app for basic edits, but it seems it does not like the Phantom 3 Advanced DNG files. Is there anyway to use a codex to allow Photos to edit the DNG files of the phantom 3?
  18. fotografiko

    Photography and photomerge

    Last week I was on a golf camp, take this series of shoots and use photomerge in photoshop cs6, the other two pics just to check the sensor camera, what do you think?
  19. W

    My first actual edit!

    So I've uploaded my footage before but never actually edited any of it. Until now! What do you think? Colour graded and other stuff.
  20. lumbra9foto

    How long does it takes to render and export videos from P3P?

    I'm just curious about it, this past 2 days I've being recording, last night I sat and started editing, when rendering it said that would last 4 HOURS! I don't know if it takes that long to render (1080 60fps) a 4 minute video with color correcting If you have suggestions on how to edit and how...