1. Reem_

    ESC doesn't work :( solved

    Hello folks! I opened my phantom 4 in order to discover what's inside, then I closed it again. However, after that, I got this error regarding that ESC does not work as shown in the figures below. Anyone could help me please? BTW, I'm not an expert and I don't have a degree in EE.
  2. M

    ECS error on new Mavic

    I recently got a Mavic Pro and out of the box I was having an ECS error message appear, after restarting multiple times it did eventually Go and I could fly it. The following day, same problem (again it disappears after about the 4-5 restart, and have not had a problem flying it) I've noticed...
  3. DevinC

    Phantom VIsion 2 + wont turn on ( troublshoot help / guied )

    Hello so to any one that has had the problem with there phantom where you put a batter in it click the power once push it again to hold it you get a quick flash and a beep and its a dead .... I HAVE SOMTHING THAT "MAY" HELP YOU ok first off this might not work for every one or every...