1. M

    Waterfall in High Falls, NY. Trying out new editing programs

    Hope you enjoy. Slowly but surely trying to get better at editing If you would like to sub here is my youtube channel: Mike Panio
  2. D

    Brand New Cape Town 2016 Drone Video! - Need Sound!

    Hi all, Just got back from my trip to Cape Town. It was the first time I took my P4 abroad and I'm happy to say that I got through all the airports and security without any delays, stops, or problems at all. The bag I used (Navitech) worked perfectly and was comfortable to travel with too. I...
  3. DJI Phantom 4 - Cape Town 2016 - YouTube

    DJI Phantom 4 - Cape Town 2016 - YouTube

    Here's a little film I made from my travels to Cape Town over the holidays. All filmed on a DJI Phantom 4 Drone flown by me. I hope you enjoy it. Like, comment & subscribe for more! Music credit to
  4. Malakai

    A useful tool I use for pre-planning a shoot

    Google Earth Pro... with a little something extra!! As its free for a pro license now and its free to use I use the google earth program to pre-plan my shoots. To get a really good idea of what I want from the shoot and how it will look when Im up in the air. Before I have even taken off or...