1. tml4191

    HDMI tablet = Dual Screen Setup for P4P p3/ p4 w/ custom MOLD

    F/S is a Flysight HD900 tablet with 2 custom mounts. One mount is for a table, while the other is custom fitted for a dual setup on your RC. This is made out of thermoplastic, so don't place the mold in a hot environment that is 140+ Fahrenheit. It is currently molded for a iphone 6, but I can...
  2. tml4191

    P3P Dual Battery Mod Short Basic Test Video

    Here's a video of the first launch using the dual battery mod strapped towards the center near the camera for optimal weight distribution.
  3. C

    dual controllers for phantom 3 standard?

    Me and my brother-in-law both have phantom 3 standard drones. We were thinking it'd be cool to set up a really long way-point mission with litchi; a mission so long that it would have to be a one-way flight. In order to do this, we thought it'd be great if we could make our 2 controllers operate...
  4. iammrbt

    Two P3P's fly together (From a regional meet up)

    Earlier today air kuld and I met for the first time and flew our P3P's around together. It as good fun and I got a chance to try out some things I've been wanting. Hope you enjoy the footage.