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    DSM Elevation Values

    Hi everyone, I am new to SUAV's and have recently obtain a PfCO in the UK. I have been testing out creating DSM from the images using PrecisionMapper however the elevation values are way out. Is there anyway to obtain elevation values that are not ~60m out without GCPs? Do i need to modify...
  2. K

    Comparing two DSM:s

    I did a capture of a land fill area a couple of days ago. The area is going to be filled with excavation material, and the owner would like me to do EXACTLY the same capture in six weeks as I did two days ago. He would like to hade the DIFFERENCE between these two DSM expressed as a new DSM. Is...
  3. N

    Looking for UAV datasets to test a rolling shutter correction algorithm.

    Hello everyone! I have created a software package that can be used to compensate for rolling shutter artifacts and provide corrected images amongst other things. The overall scope is to increase the accuracy on 3D models created with photographs captured by Phantoms or other low cost UAVs and...
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    Contacting Tower KDSM- anyone done this?

    I live 3.5 nm from KDSM (Des Moines International). The red zone is just the airport. The regs say call the tower or controller within 5 miles. I'm afraid to do so, wondering if they may say don't fly. Anybody actually called KDSM or other controller? Thank you!