dry out

  1. Huttcraft

    P3S Unkillable - survived submersion

    [knocking on wood before typing this] I landed my trusty, age-worn Phantom 3 Standard safely on the rear hatch of my boat last weekend. It was breezy but I managed to track the deck and set her down, grateful I didn’t have to try a hand-catch. But after touching down on the deck with the...
  2. Russ43Phantom

    P4P Fresh Water Crash - Recovered

    While paying too much attention to a video capture, I backed into leafless branches. Obstacle avoidance does not work as branches were too thin/light. Drone went straight down and remained in 3' of water for about 10-15 minutes. I removed the battery immediately. Then I set up a fan to dry it...
  3. jephoto

    P3 fell in Fresh water advice

    Hi guys. Joined the Phantom swim club. Took off a bit too fast- a bit too close to an overhanging tree. At about 15' high struck some leaves & thin branches, then fell - luckily right at edge of lagoon's cement wall in about 5' of water. Probably submerged for about 5 minutes while I dithered...