1. Tyler Mason

    Interview with the Queen of Dronies

    I had the chance to chat with Renee Lusano, aka the Queen of Dronies, for a show I host on AirVuz.com. Renee's dronies are pretty epic. She has a knack for finding really cool locations (often without anyone else around her) for her dronies. She started flying with the OG Phantom 1 with her...
  2. Man And Drone

    New 4K Mallorca Video up

    Dear Phantom Pilots, I have a new video up from my recent(ish) trip to Mallorca. (Spanish Island in the Mediterranean). Hope you enjoy it..Cheers. ;)
  3. chapsrlz

    dronie in cdmx

    another dronie in mexico city. enjoy.
  4. chapsrlz

    3280 ft dronie

    dronie in carso 4k version in c13studio
  5. chapsrlz

    dronie and sunset in león, guanajuato, méxico.

    its thursday so a new dronie is on youtube :) this was shot last sunday at león, guanajuato. comments, suggestions?
  6. chapsrlz

    Chapultepec Castle dronie / 4k, 2,185 ft

    another dronie, now over the Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City enjoy :) comments?
  7. chapsrlz

    2,820 ft dronie

    like every thursday, a new dronie. this time 2,820 ft
  8. chapsrlz

    1715 ft dronie

    new dronie :) paseo de la reforma in mexico city. what do you think?
  9. chapsrlz

    1,800 ft dronie

    a 1,800 ft dronie :)