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  1. Backwoods Beast

    Hello to You!!

    So, I am new here so I thought I would post a video right away. I am loving the new drone community that I am rapidly learning and becoming a part of. I have to say drone piloting is one of the most fun and fulfilling things ive ever done with my life and it gives whole new perspectives on my...
  2. Travelwithdrone.com

    The best aerial video 2016 by Travelwithdrone

    We have created a compilation of the best videos (send to us by pilots) that made it to the semi-final for the Best Aerial Video 2016. Enjoy and let's vote!
  3. dronegallery

    Drone Gallery, Drone Users Club - dronegallery.net

    We invite you to our new website where the drone video sharing. Drone users to join the first group. URL: http://www.dronegallery.net