drone travel

  1. jeremytoh

    Don't fly your Drones here...

    Hi guys, It's been a while since we posted something. We've compiled a series of our misadventures while travelling with a Drone and made it into a funny video. It's meant to be entertaining and a bit educational. I do fly responsibly, but I'm still a bit of a maverick if I need to capture...
  2. gringorio

    Dedicated Drone Travel Forum?

    As I've searched threads for traveling on a plane with a drone to various countries I've come to the conclusion that Phantom/Mavic/Matrice forums each need a dedicated drone travel forum so all the info and experiences from everyone and each country can be found in one forum. What do you think?
  3. K

    Can I Bring My Phantom 4 as a Carry On on AA?

    We are about to travel with our Phantom 4 (plus batteries) via American Airlines. Anyone know anything about policies and if we can bring this as a carry on? My concerns are the batteries really, but I am also worried about the drone itself. Also, do I need to buy a lipo guard bag? Do I need to...