drone registration

  1. cruz_ctrl

    Any drone flyers in Mexico?

    I am trying to find out what is required as far as permits/licenses to fly a drone in Mexico. I have heard that all drones must be registered regardless whether they're being flown commercially or recreationally. Does anyone know a source for relevant info? Thank you. Dave
  2. D

    For New Drone Registration... Only use the FAA site. Avoid www.drone-registration.net.

    Hey all. I'm a newbie here. I tried on another thread to provide new drone flyers with some simple awareness about the drone registration process. Unfortunately that thread got derailed and waaaay off topic. So I'm going to keep this simple. In case you have not registered your drone yet...
  3. SteveMann

    Huerta Announces UAS Registration Task Force Members

    The list of participants in the Drone Registration Task Force was announced. By my count, it is a reasonably balanced group. Of 25 members, nine are on record as openly hostile towards any sUAS - commercial or hobby, eight are very much pro hobby supporters, and the last eight haven't...