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  1. AirVūz

    Story on Drones Capturing Blue Whales Feeding

    Great story on how a researcher used his Phantom's 3 and 4 to capture some incredible footage of the world's largest animal in the world, the Blue Whale, feeding off the coast of New Zealand (but studied at Oregon State). Anyway enough of me rambling, it is a cool story that you'll wanna check...
  2. AirVūz

    New Canada Drone Laws

    I know there has been discussion the last few couple days about Canada (Transport Canada) coming down with some new drone laws. Here is a story AirVūz did explaining why it will be tougher if you plan to fly there, especially if you are a hobbyist. Here's the full AirVūz News Story: AV News...
  3. JDA Aviation

    Drone 100 lights up Palm Springs

    Drone 100 Lights Up the Palm Springs Sky | Intel
  4. snerd

    Drone price to fall thanks to Qualcomm Snapdragon 801

    This is something that will be very good news for consumers!! Qualcomm has come up with a neat plan to begin influencing the drone price standard as well as the approach that the general consumer has towards UAVs in general. Nowadays, the drone market is growing fast, but the problem with it...
  5. snerd

    Drones Are Changing How We See, and Think About, Our World

    A lengthy, but good, article on how drones are changing our world. Drones Are Changing How We See — And Think About — Our World
  6. snerd

    NYC Teacher Who Crashed a Drone at the US Open Last Night Has Been Arrested

    And another nitwit is dealt with. Maybe they're finally getting serious about our reckless associates! It’s time to add “international tennis match” to the list of places where drones have taken high-profile spills. Thursday night, an unmanned aerial vehicle crashed into an empty seating area...