drone insurance

  1. Ilan Yusim

    Drone Pilots Can Now Get Drone Insurance Directly from Their Flight App of Choice

    If you're using DroneDeploy, Drone Harmony or Map Pilot (by Maps Made Easy) you can now get instant on-demand drone insurance for your planned flight seamlessly from the app. The insurance is up to $10M and fully customizable including: Pre-booking, Additional Insured option, instant policy...
  2. Ilan Yusim

    SkyWatch.AI started offering monthly drone insurance plan

    Hi pilots, I'm excited to update on the latest developments from SkyWatch.AI. For those of you who are not familiar, SkyWatch.AI is a mobile app offering on-demand insurance and safety features, allowing drone pilots to pay less for flying safely. Yesterday we officially launched SkyWatch...
  3. FunN4lo

    Claims experience with Neary Aerial?

    I am looking for some crash coverage for my P4P. Does anyone have any claim experience with Neary Aerial? Neary Aerial Drone Extended Service Contracts To Protect Your Drone Do claims live up to their web site hype?
  4. X

    Need Insurance Referral for my Commercial Use.

    Do any of you commercial pilots have a suggestion for an insurer for general liability insurance that knows our business. I am getting job requests from city and state departments and large developers that require this. My residential realtor clients are not asking but I need to have it in...