drone fly away

  1. J

    Hello, Im new and my Brand new DJI Mini 2 flew away by itself!

    Hello everybody!! I am brand new here and am not even sure if this is what should be posted here but im so worried and have no other help.. So basically, to try and make this some what brief i will just add basics and HOPEFULLY whatever else is needed or can be useful someone could let...
  2. F

    My Pro+ Never Returned Home After Losing Signal? Just disappeared

    Hi all, So I was wondering about what to expect and proceed after my drone incident this week. Weather was sunny, clear, with calm winds - approx 11:30 AM. It was a weekday in an empty area. I was flying north of the Las Vegas strip (near Circus Circus location to get a distant landscape...
  3. Dramface460

    DJI GO app disconnects while in flight please help

    Whats up fellow phantom 4 pilots!! So glad to be on this forum with you all. Ive consulted this forum a few times in the past and its a great resource. So I just bought a P4 and love it! however Ive been flying for a few weeks and this past weekend and today I had the DJI Go App disconnect on...