drone fly away

  1. F

    My Pro+ Never Returned Home After Losing Signal? Just disappeared

    Hi all, So I was wondering about what to expect and proceed after my drone incident this week. Weather was sunny, clear, with calm winds - approx 11:30 AM. It was a weekday in an empty area. I was flying north of the Las Vegas strip (near Circus Circus location to get a distant landscape...
  2. Dramface460

    DJI GO app disconnects while in flight please help

    Whats up fellow phantom 4 pilots!! So glad to be on this forum with you all. Ive consulted this forum a few times in the past and its a great resource. So I just bought a P4 and love it! however Ive been flying for a few weeks and this past weekend and today I had the DJI Go App disconnect on...