1. Goldie

    Visit Zagreb, Croatia

    New video, made with Osmo and Phantom 4...

    First test of Filmora editing software for Cinematic flters

    Well this is my first test video to see if editing can make your filming look more cinematic. I like the results but its my first attempt so will have to spend more time on it. hope you get some ideas from my try. happy flying!
  3. B

    P1 -Beginners/ Advanced Video series

    Hello Everyone , i am he admin and editor to "Planes , Trains and Gopro " a youtube channel focusing on cheaper or old style quads and making the most professional video possible on the smallest budget . For 2016 we have enquired a phantom 1.1.1 and we have a whole summer ahead and we plan on...
  4. M

    I started uploading daily drone videos!

    Hey Guys, Since purchasing the Phantom 4 (long exposure photo, below), I've started editing and uploading a new drone video every single day! I'm calling it a Drog (Drone Vlog). You can check out the first one I made, here: . I just posted episode 19 today and it's definitely become a great...