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  1. P

    Erasing waypoint routes

    Phantom 3 advanced How do you erase waypoint routes ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Phil Tuggle

    (Completed)GIG: South Carolina - Get my P3A running under DJI Go

    I need a hands-on person who "knows their stuff." My P3 Advanced, which I had for a long time and flown very successfully, has suffered the forced upgrade of DJI Go 3.1.8 and therefore is messed up. Litchi still functions properly. Need a knowledgeable person here in SC to get things right...
  3. Paul55

    Speed Question

    I am a new pilot with a P4 and I have been using both DJIGO and LITCHI (I think both have their merits) but here is my issue: The maximum speed I now can obtain with the P4 using DJIGO is 18 MPH on the 'GPS'setting. I can still get up to 49 MPH on the Sport setting. I do always force-kill...
  4. Sevyn13

    Rename Drone in DJI Go App Flight Log

    So my first drone I had is gone and I'd like to rename it in the DJI Go app flight log to something like "Old P3". I know how to rename the drone when connected to it but I don't have the drone anymore. Anyway to rename it within the app?
  5. C

    Are DJI Go app flight restrictions still an issue?

    I am considering buying a P4pro and was reading some old posts about people not being able to fly within 5 miles of an airport or other areas because of the DJI go app restricting it. Is there any new posts or information on this topic? I live within a 5 mile airport radius and fly my P3S and...
  6. Bomber

    Newbie Question

    Just got my P3S recently and have clocked up 18 flights and I love it, still getting used to everything and I am very happy with the purchase. Furthest I have flown from the home position is 200 metres as I am still a bit weary in case it flies away....I know...... I'm daft. My last flight gave...
  7. VFA22Bonefish

    Help! DJI Go app incorrectly identifies my P4 as an Inspire

    I need help, anyone else here using an Android tablet with the problem of the DJI GO app not seeing through the camera at startup? I did, and decided to update my P4's firmware through the DJI GO app as recommended by DJI. Long story short, I updated the firmware, and now the app will not...
  8. Brew

    New P3P, no video feed in DJI Go

    BLUF - I have no image on my DJI GO app, it will operate the camera and video, and will record to the SD Micro Card. However, no live image on the app. What could be the problem? The rest of the story... So I finally got some time to unpack my new P3P which I bought in April. Set out...
  9. Zsolt

    New P3S wont connect

    Hey guys, just took out of the box my Standard and the DJI GO app won't show "Camera View". The remote is connected to the copter, the LED is green, I've successfully connected my phone to the WiFi network using 12341234 as password, but can't do anything else. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Rod Carnochan77

    Samsung Galaxy Pro Tab 10.2 did work ! Now it doesn't........

    My Samsung Galaxy Pro Tab 10.2 worked just fine with previous firmware( eventhough the powers that be said you couldn't run it ) but now, for the first time, it doesn't work ! I bought this tablet just for my P3 3 months back cuz I saw it worked well ! Has ANYONE out there have their Samsungs...