dji vision 2

  1. G

    Should we get a refund?

    Short version - we have a faulty drone and want a refund, DJI want to replace the battery (again) but we are not interested. Longer version below. My wife very generously decided to get me a drone for my birthday and spoke to the local DJi representative who recommended she get the DJI Vision...
  2. T

    Drone laws in Turkey

    Hi all, I already have a holiday planned for Turkey, more specifically Istanbul during July of this year, and I really want to take Phantom 2 Vision as I believe I can get some really cool shots of the city with it. However I am unsure of what the actual laws are in this country and the last...
  3. Film Nation

    Ocean flight with no experience!

    Hello everyone, we really need your help, tips and advice! We are a small production company, Film Nation ( and we were hired to produce a 1 minute TV spot for a major Cruise line in one of the biggest ships in the world. We are departing in 3 days and we are ready to...