dji sucks!

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    No GPS signal - Hardware or Software Issue?

    Thanks to DJI and the forced update of their app to 3.1.3, I now have a P3p that doesn't lock onto a single satellite! Story goes as such... After upgrading both android devices to the new 3.1.3, I was not able to get my remote to communicate with my RC for a few days. After much pain and...
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    Compass Error, Battery Fault, Major Lag - Time for an Upgrade

    Hey. Ive been using DJI drones for 2 years starting with Phantom 1. Recently my P3P's image quality doesn't seem to be cutting it, the sensor may be going, i've noticed a loss of detail and light in some photos. I had the drone up at a RE shoot today and got a compass error and a damaged battery...