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  1. R

    Gimbal Dance Problem

    I took my Phantom 3 Pro out yesterday, like any usual day. I prepped it and what not, and when i turned it on it did a weird dance as you'll see in the video. I flew out and did a rotation (yaw) a bit quickly, and the gimbal tried to follow it, repositioned with the drone, and went crooked i...
  2. A


    I need HELP Firs of all I wanna explain everything what happen to me. . DJI doesn't want take responsibility of PRODUCT!!! HELP PLEASE!!! Please take your time, read it and watch video and HELP ME!!!!! So I wanted to fly drone. I took off and drone start flying away from me by him self right...
  3. Avocet

    Smokin Hot Deal: (P3P) < $750 ... (bundle)

    Don't know how long this will be up .. subtract the extra battery bundle and your lookin at a sub $750 P3P ... Amazon.com : DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone Bundle with Extra Battery : Camera & Photo Still waiting for a stipend otherwise I'm all over this like white on rice.