dji phantom 3 se

  1. H


    I am a 14-years-old dutch boy and i love drones. On my 10th have i my first drone and now i have a DJI Phantom 3 SE. Sorry for my bad English i'm Just 14?
  2. T

    Dji phantom 3 SE battery problem (Pls help ;D)

    Hey folks, I lost my dpi phantom 3 charger on a trip. I didn't want to spend 70$ for a new charger so I decided to buy a car charger (photo). I plugged it in my car but it didn't charge (even when riding). I decided to buy a AC to DC adapter ( picture ) so the car charger could fit in the wall ...
  3. D

    Switch Wlan Settings popup troubles

    Hello, I reclently bought a Phantom 3 SE after having a DJI Sparkle. I have some issues with it, I can connect to it and pilot it but i still have that popup going on screen and that is really annoying because it hides the camera vision on smartphone : I tried switching channels and Frequency...
  4. chatikib

    Is it a dangerous game to fly with Litchi?

    I fly with a Phantom 3 SE, often in combination with Litchi. I'm using an iPad Mini (iOS). But now I'm starting to worry. Because there are many users who point out that Litchi is not yet suitable for the Phantom 3 SE (SDK isn't available). What should I do? Keep the bird on the ground or use...