dji phantom 2 vision+

  1. jairo martinez o

    mod bateria dji phanton 2 vision

    Para Todos, al fin lo Logrado e ((for everyone, and finally achieved)) millas del canal en youtube
  2. W

    Aerial mapping software advice - pix4D ? Advice please

    Hi - I need to do some mapping with my DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. Just basic maps of wildlife reserves from multiple images. I've had a go with the free pix4D app and it's really good: Mission_00002_0001 by Pix4D SA. - 3D model Does anyone know of any other software that works with this model of...
  3. phxbird57

    Filming my Buddies R/C plane

    This was my 5 attempt at filming my buddies planes in the air. Biggest problem I did not bring my tablet and he forgot his. so I was doing it from a 4.5 inch phone. Trying to see the plane was next to impossible. Most all of it is from line of sight. Pointing the drone where the plane is. This...
  4. Ian Holmes

    Checking battery cells for faults. Youtube help video.

    Hi guys. I saw this video on Youtube and thought you might like to check it out. I'm not sure how accurate it is so watch the clip and make your own minds up. Regards Ian.
  5. quadroger

    Mountains reflections in the water

    Mountains reflections in the water. How would it be if there would be water everywhere? See it trough the DJI Phantom Vision+
  6. R

    Flight over Silicon Valley, California and my Band !

    Please check out The DJI Phantom weaving through Northern California landscape with my band's latest song in the background ....Hope you like it.
  7. quadroger

    Hong Kong - The Peak, a stunning view from the top of Hong Kong