dji p4

  1. DutchDroneAdventures

    White Landscape Drone Footage | DJI P4 Drone Shots

    WHITE LANDSCAPE DRONE FOOTAGE FEELS LIKE A OTHER WORLD A Winter Season I won't Forget Be Alone on a Landscape where no one has bin. Only Animals i love the most! White Landscapes is a you are on in Wonderland. I hope you guys love this to Winter Specials! I will miss it! Thats why i made this...
  2. Z

    Help !!!!! Phantom 4 Motors Clogged with Confetti

    I am a 13 year old boy living in America. I run a small (microscopic) Aerial Photography Business in Pittsburgh, PA. Last time, when we were photographing a Party with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro, some idiotic kid aimed and fired a Party Popper at my Drone, filling all the 4 Motors with Confetti. The...
  3. W

    Phantom 4 with 4 batteries, charging hub, HDMI board, extra shell and landing skids.

    Phantom 4 $1200 shipped OBO (Like new in box only flown for about an hour) firmware currently at v01.01.0411 4 batteries -2 Batteries have 2 cycles, and 2 batteries haven't been cycled yet Official DJI 3 port Battery Charger Remote control with the HDMI Upgrade Board (firmware currently at...
  4. RadioMike

    DJI Offering Same Day Delivery

    I Just noticed on DJI's web page that they are offering "Free" Same day delivery and setup. Has anyone here had any experience with that service? Not sure I need all components, just the same day delivery would be nice.