dji care program

  1. A

    DJI Care Don't Care

    Howdy folks, I recently filed a claim with DJI Care. I wanted to share my experience in the hopes of educating people on what they can expect from the serivce. I purchased DJI Care for my Phantom 4 last month. There really isn't a lot of feedback on user's experience with DJI care so I...
  2. T

    To Insure or Not to Insure...DJI Care vs. Alternatives

    So I've been on the flight stimulator for a bit now including tons and tons of youtube videos watching and general online research. I think I'm almost ready/comfortable for Demelza's (P3P) maiden voyage! However, I'm wondering if: 1. Should I get sweet Demelza an insurance policy? 2. Is DJI...
  3. ryantrax

    DJI Care Program... Is it worth it?

    Has anyone purchased the DJI Care Program? This is the first I've seen it. I guess more importantly has anyone had a claim with it after a crash or flyaway? How was it? Seams like it would be worthwhile if you couldn't get it on a separate insurance program with State Farm, Progressive, Etc...