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  1. A

    Camera/DJI app issue after crash

    The other day I was flying my P3S and I clipped a tree, it fell about 20 feet... The battery was ejected/bent yaw arm and ripped ribbon cable. I replaced the cable and arm. When I power on the drone the camera beeps like an alarm clock, the gimble does not move at all also when I open the...
  2. PapaMic

    Loose Rotor Indicator

    I had a first happen to me today. I was out flying when I had an indicator go off on my DJI App saying that a had a loose blade or a stalled motor (similar to that at least). I quickly brought it back and landed without incident. I check all the blades and they were all tight. I had to...
  3. Mike2015

    Altitude Issues

    I recently had my Remote Control repairs and new joysticks fitted I have linked it to my P3A. I took it out for its first test flight and noticed the following problems. When I fly my Phantom 3 Advance the altitude starts off correctly at 0. Lift off to 20', all good. As I increase my...
  4. V

    DJI Store

    Hey everyone, I am new to the whole drone & fourms world so i am sorry in advance if i am doing anything wrong & if i am please dont hesitate to let me know I just recently put a few orders in on the DJI store app this past weekend & the shipping status still says pending... does this happen to...
  5. P

    Tablet Galaxy Tab S2 don't recognice the Remote Control.

    Yesterday I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tablet for use with my Drone Phantom 3 Advanced. When I follow the procedure to connect to Remote Control doesn't go to "Camera" mode and therefore I can not use it. I don't know if the DJI app is the reason or in fact the Tablet S2 compatibility. I...
  6. C

    iPad 4 good enough?

    Hey, I am thinking of buying the Phantom 4, but first I want to make sure that my Ipad 4 with 1024 of ram works well with the DJI app. Just for flying, without livestream. I also have an IPad mini 1gen(512mb ram),but I think it is much slower than the iPad 4. Anyone had experience with the...
  7. A

    Litchi Waypoint Mission -- a couple of scary experiences that have made me much more weary!

    I recently attempted a Litchi Waypoint Mission that I had already set up on my computer at home. The first thing I noticed, but didn't realize, is that it's entirely possible to load up a mission and simply hit the Play button on the tablet, and watch the drone take off from the ground and...
  8. Argoxp

    Lowering quality of video preview on DJI app

    Hello all! Is it possible to lower the streaming quality between the drone and the cellphone preview ? lower bitrate or resolution, or even FPS? Im thinking that 1024×576 (or lower if possible) at 15 FPS should be enough. Any input is appreciated.
  9. Dramface460

    DJI GO app disconnects while in flight please help

    Whats up fellow phantom 4 pilots!! So glad to be on this forum with you all. Ive consulted this forum a few times in the past and its a great resource. So I just bought a P4 and love it! however Ive been flying for a few weeks and this past weekend and today I had the DJI Go App disconnect on...
  10. P

    How to format SD card with DJI Go App. (quick tutorial video)

    1 - insert your Sd card in your drone 2 - power both drone and remote 3 - Menu > click on the spanner > scroll down > format SD Card. I hope you find this helpful. - Phil PS: let me know if you have questions or run into issues. (obviously make sure you backed up the content of your SD card, it...
  11. Carolyn

    Can't access camera from DJI GO app.

    Last summer, I was able to use my iPad mini with my DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. This year, I've been unable to access the app to update the RC firmware - it just gives me the 'How to connect' page. Any suggestions?