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  1. Donatas


    dji donce
  2. Pixies Channel.

    Mosbrough and other townships in Sheffield.

    Hi Guys, I went out with the drone this morning but the weather was blooming cold and very cloudy. I took a few photo's whilst I was there as you will see in the video. The drone I used: Phantom 3 Standard. The software I used: Filmora Where I got my music from: FreeMusicJukebox | Free...
  3. Donatas

    Iceland ship

  4. Infidel0007

    My diy dji p3 mounted EMP generator

    My DIY EMP (electromagnetic pulse generator) In theory, pulse of L Band (1 to 2 GHz) and S Band (2 to 4 GHz) microwave energy to disrupt the electronics of the target enemy drone. Is this regulated in anyway? Ready to start field testing..
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  6. Donatas

    DJI Phantom 3 professional 4K.Fly a Drone Ship Smyril Line Cargo.

  7. Green Phantom

    The Phantom 3 Standard can still stand proud and love it

    Anyone else feel their 3 Standard still produces very good footage and performs well? i really want a 4 or Mavic but then i look at my recent videos and think the 3S produces nice footage and edits well. The only thing i feel that's missing is not having 60fps in full HD 1080p. Anyone else...
  8. G

    Nighttime storm vid

    Hi folks. Im trying to figure out how to use links to post videos & photos. I use Apple devices and thought I could use iCloud somehow but I couldn't figure it out and don't even know if it's possible to share from the cloud with the public. So I experimented by posting a video on YouTube (which...
  9. A

    Drone video combined with ATV driving clips

    I did a little bit different video this time. It starts with ATV driving clips, then I unpack the drone and last there is some footage from drone. I would like to hear others thoughts of this video.
  10. Feed The Rat

    DJI Phantom 3 Standard Wifi

    Hi all. Looking forward to cruising the forum. Just bought my first DJI and looking forward to flying it today. A question.... Is the wifi connection between the RC and the aircraft secure, like is it mac address dependent? I have a bebeop and that's not secure, which means anyone with a...