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    Eliminating Radial Distortion

    Hi, I have been mapping some very flat salt marshes using the P4P and getting a very obvious syncline in my SfM derived point clouds due to radial distortion. I have been reading up on this and it seems that parallel nadir flights paths (i.e. a standard GSPro mapping project) are the worst...
  2. H

    horizontal line in video during yaw

    Every time I yaw left or right a horizontal line rises up the recording. I bought this used so no idea of it's crash history. Ive inspected it thoroughly from the outside and there are no marks from a crash, the camera and gimbal look flawless and the ribbons seem to be fully seated.
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    P3P camera distortion after ribbon cable replacement

    Hello everyone! I was hoping to see if anyone has any wisdom to pass along my way with this issue I'm dealing with: Spent 2 months filming in Israel, last week I was there I had my first crash, drone fell about 8-10' to the ground, damaging the ribbon cable. Took the drone into a repair shop...
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    Newbie from Cali

    So I just recently purchased my first drone, Phantom 3 pro. So far have flown it numerous times using a IPad 1 mini. Having aggravating difficulties because my live feed from the RC to the IPad is super glitchy all the time and distorted and seems to be 5 seconds slow behind real time. It just...